Nanoose Garden Club meets at -

2489 Nanoose Road, Nanoose Bay, BC


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Membership Information


Meetings are held at the Nanoose Library Hall, 2489 Nanoose Road, Nanoose Bay (off Northwest Bay Road).  Meetings begin at 1:15 pm on the first Friday of each month, unless otherwise specified.


Annual membership fee: $15.00 - due each January.


Parking space is available around the Hall (except in spaces designated for Library parking), in the Alice Judd Park behind the Hall, on the north side of Nanoose Road and on Northwest Bay Road.


Each month, the Club provides speakers or programs on subjects of garden interest.  Members are encouraged to forward their views and ideas for potential speakers to any member of the Board.


During each meeting, there is time for socializing before the meeting begins and during the break.  Refreshments (tea & coffee) are provided by the Club and cookies or cake are contributed by members on a volunteer, rotation basis.


At most meetings, a Members’ Table features plants or garden-related items free for the taking or simply for admiration.  There is also a table to sell plants donated from members’ gardens.


From time to time, after a spring or summer meeting, willing members open their gardens for other members to visit .


Each May, to assist with fundraising, the Club holds its yearly Plant Sale on the grounds outside Nanoose Library Hall.  Members donate a variety of plants and seedlings they have propagated from their gardens.


In lieu of the July and December meetings, the Club holds its annual picnic and Christmas dinner.  On these occasions, members contribute picnic and Christmas fare.  


Garden books and magazines can be borrowed from the Club’s library.


Membership cards provide a discount at many nurseries and garden centres in the area, except for discounted merchandise.   When visiting local or out-of-town nurseries and garden centres, enquire if they will give a discount.  You will be asked to show your membership card in order to receive a discount.


Nanoose Garden Club provides many opportunities for interested members to volunteer within the Club and in the community.

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