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Your NGC Librarians,

Ron and Diane Hill



May 2024 -   A REMINDER to please return any overdue books to the NGC library cart at the February 3 meeting and Check out the new books that Ron & Diane have brought in:

  • New Garden Book, by Better Homes and Gardens

  • The Pond Specialist, by A. and G. Bridgewater

  • Roses for British Columbia, by Brad Jalbert and Laura Peters


February 2024-


  • All the Dirt, by Rachel Fisher

  • Complete Guide to Roses, by Michael McKinley

  • The Fruit Gardeners Bible, by Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry


January 2024-

  • The House plant expert, by dr. D.G.Hessayon

  • Hot plants for cool climates, by Susan A. Roth

  • Introducing Orchids, by Wilma & Brian Rittershausen

November 2023 - 

  • Pruning and Training by Richard Bird

  • Lilies by Pamela McGeorge

  • Favourite Plants - Expert Advice On Choosing and Growing the Best Plants by Liz Primeau

September 2023 - 

  • Better Gardens, Less work by Barbara Pleasant

  • The Prairie Rock Garden by Donna Balzer

  • Native Plants in the Coastal Garden by April Pettinger

June 2023 - 

  • Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth

  • Hostas by Richard Bird and David Tarrant

  • Weedless Gardening by Lee Reich

  • Garden Remedies by Jeff Gillman

April 2023 - 

  • Dryland Gardening by Jennifer Bennett

  • David Austin's English Roses by David Austin

  • Gardening Shortcuts by Jenny Hendy

  • Allergy-free Gardening by Tom Ogren

March 2023 -  

  • Grow in your own Pots

  • What Grows Here?


  • Easy - Care Planting


March 2023 - 

  • Continuous Blooms

  • Edible Wild Plants

  • Victory Gardens for Bees

  • Vegetable Gardening

January 2023 - 

  • In Veronica’s Garden by Margaret Cadwaladr

  • Complete Decks by Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Hillside Landscaping by Sunset.

  • A place in the Rain: Designing the West Coast Garden by Michael K. Lascelle.


November 2022 - 

  • The Winter Harvest Handbook,
  • Dogs in their Gardens, 
  • Small Is Bountiful, &
  • Landscaping with Stone.

September 2022 - Flora:  A Gardener's Encyclopedia (2 Vol.) - by Sean Hogan 2003.  Care-Free Plants - by editors of Reader's Digest 2002. The Complete Compost Gardening Guide - by Deborah L. Martin and Barbara Pleasant 2008. Best Trees For Your Garden - by Allen Paterson 2003

March 2020 - "Vertical Gardening" - written by Derek Fell in 2011.

February 2020 - "Good Soil" - written by Tina Raman in 2017. "Dream Plants for the Natural Garden" - written by Piet Oudolf and Henk Gerritson in 2013."The English Garden" - written by Tim Richardson in 2013.

November 2019 - "The Secret Life of Trees - How They Live and Why They Matter" - written by Colin Trudge in 2005.

October 2019 - "The Plant Propagator's Bible" - written by Miranda Smith in 2007.

September 2019 - "Epic Tomatoes - How to Select & Grow the Best Varieties of all Time" - written by Craig LeHoullier in 2015.

June 2019 -  "Organic Crops In Pots (How to Grow Your own Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs)" written by Deborah Schneebeli-Morrel in 2009.

May 2019 - "Uncommon Fruits For Every Garden" written by Lee Reich.  This book was written in 2004 and updated in 2014.


April 2019 -  “The Ever Curious Gardener” from a well-known author, Lee Reich PhD, located on Gabriola Island, and published in 2018.

March 2019 - "Backyard Bounty" - written by Linda Gilkeson – Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition: The Complete Guide to Year-round Gardening in the Pacific Northwest, published in March 2018.

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