Monthly Lists of Things

to do in the Garden


Monthly garden chores vary widely

from garden to garden and year to year.


These lists are meant only to be a guide

of the sorts of things you may want

to focus on throughout the garden season.

Web Links

(as of Apr. 19, 2021)

Here is a list of selected websites

that may be useful and interesting.


Local Nurseries &

Garden Centres

(as of February 10, 2021)

When visiting local or out-of-town nurseries,

enquire if they will give a discount to

garden club members.

You may be required to show your current

Nanoose Garden Club Membership card

before your items are rung up.  

SOIL + SOIL Amendment Companies

(as of October 10, 2020)

This is a list of local companies that sell bulk soil amendment products.  Bring your pickup!

Vancouver Island Regional Library

Gardening Seminar Archives