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2022-11-28 - For an interesting article on Indigenous Forest Gardens, click HERE
2022-11-23 - For Indigenous squash recipes, click HERE
2022-09-12 - For information on Pacific Poison-oak & Wester Poison-ivy,  click HERE
2022-09-12 - For Native Plant picks for Bees, click HERE
2022-09-01 - For an Update on the Japanese Beetle, click HERE
2022-07-26 - For tips on Gardening in Extreme Heat, click HERE
2022-07-26 - For information on How to Help Bees survive a heat wave, click HERE

2022-06-09 - For an interesting article on Vivipary, click HERE

2022-05-20 - For 6 Organic Alternatives to RoundUp, click HERE 

2022-05-09 - Grow your own Tomatoes and Tomatillos by N. Bell, A. J. Detweiler, H. Noordijk & C. Bubl 

2022-05-03 - Swanson's Controlling Horsetail by Carol Hall, Gardens West, April 2004

2022-04-28 - VI Pests Pollinators & Beneficials by iNaturalist

2022-04-28 - Expanded Regulated Area for Japanese Beetle

2022-04-06 - Edible Landscaping by Connie Kuramoto

2022-03-18 - Sweeten up Summer with Strawberries

2022-03-18 - Old-fashioned Sweet Peas fill the Garden with Fragrance

2022-03-06 - Peat Moss Alternatives

2022-03-06 - Gardening in a Wildlife Friendly Habitat

2022-02-17 - Native Plants for Vancouver Butterfly Gardens

2022-02-02 - Selecting, Planting and Caring for a New Tree - Useful tips

2022-02-02 - Love them or leave them:  Fruit trees take plenty of work!

2022-01-22 - 12 Deer Resistant Perennials from Proven Winners

2021-12-15 - 5 Tips for using Holiday Greenery 

An Article about Autumn Leaves 

2021-10 -  Sweep Wood Ash from the Fire      

2021-09 - Give Plants a Head Start   




2022-03-20 - Learn how to keep your most important gardening tool fit - click HERE

2022-03-06 - Watch a video on how to Give Overgrown Trees a Makeover

Documentary - "A Need to Grow"  HERE.  (Sign up for free, & if you don't want future emails, simply unsubscribe.)   

Charles Dowding - Check out "No Dig Gardening" YouTube videos - HERE

Gabbing About GardeningCheck out Lucretia Schanfarber's YouTube Channel or podcasts - HERE


Local Nurseries & Garden Centres  (2021-07-25)

When visiting local or out-of-town nurseries, inquire if they will give a discount to garden club members.  You may be required to show your current Nanoose Garden Club Membership card before your items are rung up.



Monthly Lists of Things to do in the Garden

Monthly garden chores vary widely from garden to garden and year to year.  These lists are meant only to be a guide of the sorts of things you may want to focus on throughout the garden season.



Oregon State University - Trees & Shrubs for Fall & Winter Bloom  (2021-12)


Oregon State University - Top 12 Gardening Stories of 2021


SOIL + SOIL AMENDMENT Companies  (March 2022)

This is a list of local companies that sell bulk soil amendment products.  Bring your pickup!

University of British Columbia (March 2022)

Information regarding UBC Botanical Garden Events and Activities listed HERE

Vancouver Island Regional Library  Gardening Seminar Archives

WEBSITE LINKS  (March 2022)

Here is a list of selected websites that may be useful and interesting.


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