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  • Appreciate... A short video by Cathy Tucker

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  •  2021-01-12 A NGC member is wondering if anyone has petunia and geranium seeds to sell or trade?  Please see details under the MEMBERS ONLY tab.

  •  A NGC member is wondering if there is any Safe, organic sprays that you can use on apple trees? Only one of my trees gets worms through most of the apples on the tree, it is a Cox’s Orange Pippin. Every spray that I see in the shops I hate to use. Please let me know if there is anyone that has a solution. Thanks so much.


  •  Available to a new home:  White calla lilies, a small purple iris, a large purple & white iris & a 'Patriot' Hosta. 

  •  a Thank you to the Bay Leaf Fairy, if she visited your place your kitchen will be merry!

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Island Pollinator Initiative

Vancouver Island Regional Library 

A Lovely On-Line Learning List

Oregon State University

University of British Columbia

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