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A REMINDER to return any overdue books to the NGC library cart at the March 31 meeting and 
Check out 4 new books that Ron & Diane have brought in:  
  • Grow in your own Pots

  • What Grows Here?


  • Easy - Care Plantings

For books added to the NGC library, click on the RESOURCES tab & look under "BOOK OF THE MONTH"!

Before the May 5th Meeting, when Christina Cook - of the Organic Gardener's Pantry, in Victoria presents "Secrets of the Soil Food Web",  check out her website and follow the instructions by clicking the link highlighted in white above, so she can bring your pre-ordered supplies to the meeting & save on delivery!

Check out the new section of articles on NUTS in GARDENERS' GOSSIP by Al Chomica!
Check out Linda Gilkeson's Zoom meeting held on March 3 under MEMBERS ONLY - ZOOM Meetings!
Check out a new article called Anyone Growing Ancient Gooseberries? - Part 2 by Al Chomica.  Go to the GARDENERS' GOSSIP tab and look under FRUITS.
Learn from a variety of videos about Canadian Gardening with Science - click HERE
Learn about Canadian Peat Moss - click HERE
Learn about Canadian Peat Bog Restoration - click HERE

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